Existence - Abbi Glines *Spoiler alert all up through here, so be warned*

I did a whole rant on amazon, i'll try to keep it shorter here. First off Glines writing is horrible. Its choppy, no description, no back stories, all her characters are superficial and bland. Everything comes off entirely unrealistic. The way the characters talk, "My nose feels as if it may fall off from frostbite". My nose feels as if it may?! What high school student talks like that? Time obviously doesn't phaze Gline because she's constantly skipping through days at a time, sometimes even weeks. And a leading character shouldn't piss me off so much. Pagan is selfish, a liar, a cheater, and a dependent little girl. Which confuses me because she starts off with this I'm my own person attitude. Dank...first off can we talk about that name?! Dank?! You do understand that's an adjective used to describe wet and moist areas...like a cave or a dungeon. Anyway, Dank is suppose to be death and who knew death would be so boring. He barely speaks, he's barely even in the book period. He shows up, starts flirting with the gurl, singing her to sleep on some nights and talking to her in her head and now she's in love? He doesn't even acknowledge her at school! And speaking of that he goes from a spirit to a real person and that doesn't even prompt her to do some research or demand answers. I mean since we're taking pages from Bella's book... why not utilize Google. Oh yea and let's talk about how Glines tries to turn Leif into a bad guy at the end so we won't look at Pagan as a dick for using him the way she did smh. There is no drama because the antagonist is forgettable (what antagonist you say? exactly!), you feel nothing for the characters because like i said, no back story, so you know nothing about them. If i wasn't reading this book on my kindle, i would have thrown it across the room. The most annoying part for me with Twilight was Bella's little break down in New Moon, so a full book of a girl falling apart because her boyfriend left? a full 20 chapters? Yea i was pissed not even half way through. Umm Abbi, I'm sorry but better luck next time.